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Terms of use


The use of this website is subject to the terms and conditions listed below and constitutes a presumption that the visitor/user has read and accepts the terms of use. In case of non-acceptance of any term hereof, it is expressly forbidden to use the services and the content of the website.

These terms of use may be revised and updated at any time without notice. Please check periodically for changes to the Terms of Use since the continued use of the site constitutes acceptance of those changes.


The entire content of the website, apart from the explicitly mentioned exceptions (third-party copyrights), are copyright of The Butcher's Bar, protected by the applicable national, community and international law.

The Butcher's Bar reserves copyright as for the content and the copies created according to this.

The content is subjected to modifications without prior notice in the company’s estimation.

The partial or total reproduction of the site content is strictly forbidden for any use without the express written permission of The Butcher's Bar.

The posted texts, apart from the explicitly mentioned exceptions, are copyright of The Butcher's Bar and protected by the laws on intellectual property provisions, in particular law no. 2121/1993 and the conduct rules of the Internet.

Limitation of liability

Any information provided through the The Butcher's Bar website is a general guidance for informing the user and The Butcher's Bar exerts maximum effort to ensure that the content and information provided through its website is governed by the utmost clarity, time closeness, completeness, correctness and availability. Site information is not intended to replace or substitute any consulting or other professional services. You should consult the relevant The Butcher's Bar employee from the relevant professional sector in order to receive such services.

The Butcher's Bar is, under no circumstances, including negligence, liable for damages whatsoever caused to the visitor/user of the websites, services, options and contents of the portal, to which he/she proceeds on his/her own initiative and having been informed of the terms herein. Furthermore, The Butcher's Bar does not guarantee that its sites, services, options and contents will be provided unceasingly and without errors, that the errors will be corrected or that the company will reply to all questions made. The Butcher's Bar does not guarantee that the portal or any other related site or the servers, by which the content is available for the visitors/users, is free of viruses or other harmful elements. The cost of eventual corrections or services lies with the visitor/user and not with The Butcher's Bar.

Links to third-party websites

The website gives the opportunity to have access to third-party websites by using the appropriate links. Such links are provided only to facilitate the website’s visitors/users, while the websites where they lead are subjected respectively to their terms of use. Providing these links does not constitute an approval or acceptance of the respective website’s content by the website's manager, who disclaims any responsibility for their content or their practices for the protection of privacy or the accuracy of their materials. Shall the website’s visitor/user decides to use, using the links, any of the third-party websites, he/she accepts that he/she does so on his/her own responsibility.